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Inside The Walking Dreams by apparate Inside The Walking Dreams by apparate
This is my entry for the Billy Blue Change Your World Contest. It includes a photographic base of an art book on a wooden surface with layers of edited photographs that have been graphically edited. All photographs have been taken by me and I have not used any outside material such as stock photography or illustrations. I used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create this work.

Reflective Statement:
This work titled, Inside The Walking Dreams is a reflection of how I wish to change my own world. I want to change my world by allowing the demons of mental illness to escape the depths of my mind, no longer haunting me and restricting life to a confusion of undiagnosed events.

The work is a representation of darkness in the mind, restricting itself to one area and not going beyond that form. There are dark cracks, crevices, shadows of faces and monsters that lurk just beyond sight. In the centre there is the mind, two sided, eyes closed and represented by the giraffe head.

Allowing the images to been seen is a way to communicate the need to change my world by no longer keeping feelings, thoughts and emotions locked so tightly inside. Though the different mediums I am saying that 'there is darkness here' and 'I will show this, I will use this, I am not afraid'.

- - - - -

Much of the other photographs, illustrations and pixels that I share are very light hearted, cute, soft and cuddly. This is because I am trying to escape, block out and not think about what is going on inside my mind. I want to be able to draw on the darkness in a greater way that can enable me to grow as an artist. That is not to stay that I will stop making all kinds of 'cute' art, but I have to learn to find the balance between creating art to escape and creating art to express.
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September 28, 2013
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